The benefits of choosing an electric or solar-powered pool cover

Jan 4, 2022
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Benefits of Electric / Solar Pool Covers, a slatted cover will increase the safety of your pool for both children and pets from falling into the water. They are even able to carry an adult. However, they should not be counted on to keep children/pets safe when the pool is not supervised.

The consumption of chemicals is considerably reduced when your pool is covered with a slatted cover, compared to leaving your pool uncovered. It also helps to reduce water evaporation and contamination, as the growth of algae and other microorganisms need light to survive.

The temperature in a pool with a slatted cover is on average 6-8 degrees C higher than an uncovered pool.

Our slatted pool covers are designed for use in all seasons. For correct operation, it is important to have a constant water level corresponding to normal pool filtering, it is also essential to fit a water level regulator. 

For the cover to be fitted correctly to the pool it is essential to supply a drawing of the pool with measurements taken every metre.

Above ground automatic pool covers

Rolleasy 2

This is one of our most popular slatted pool covers. It is the most economical above-ground cover with a quick and easy installation.

Available in 3 versions:  electric, solar and manual.

Slats come in a choice of colours in both PVC and Polycarbonate.

The Rolleasy 2 cover is suitable for new builds and refurbishments.

Control: Key switch on the end of the stand.


Reel system and control unit warranty – 2 years

Motor warranty – 2 years


Combining both technology and design, it is perfect for any new build and refurbishment.

Contura is available in electric and solar.

Control: Key switch on the end stand or remotely controlled by Wi-Key.

Slats come in a choice of colours in both PVC and Polycarbonate.


Reel system and control unit warranty – 2 years

Motor warranty – 3 years

Differences between Polycarbonate and PVC pool cover slats

Solar polycarbonate slats

  • True solar panels
  • Extremely shock resistant
  • Suitable for mobile, above-ground and in-ground automatic covers
  • Very aesthetic finish

Opaque PVC slats

  • Excellent floatability
  • UV treatment
  • Very aesthetic slat profile
  • Reduced tube rolling diameter

Control your pool cover remotely

Thanks to a LivePool application (electric version only) there is the option of opening and closing the automatic cover from an App. The Smartphone becomes a control connected to the slatted cover via a secure Bluetooth application

Maintaining your pool cover


  • Clean your automatic cover fully twice a year (start of season and wintering). This is even more important if you have hard water. To do this, use a high pressure cleaner and tepid water combined with a de-scaling product.
  • Also make sure to regularly clean the locking systems and especially the anchor to prevent it from jamming. We recommend lubricating the anchors once per year for the best operation.
  • It is advisable to inspect the whole system in the event of abnormal strain on the cover (eg. somebody falling)
  • Check the straps annually.
  • For better solar panel performances, clean them regularly using a window-cleaning product.


  • Close the pool for the winter depending on its geographic location.
  • Close the automatic cover in the safety position.
  • Leave the batteries connected inside the roller and do not cover the solar panel.

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