is our own brand of quality pool cover technology. Our pool covers are manufactured in Portugal to a very high standard using the best materials currently available on the market. We offer a full range of solutions such as: Slatted Covers – Above Ground Solar Powered & Electric Systems – Submerged & Garaged Systems available in both PVC and POLYCARBONATE materials.

Slatted PVC ELECTRIC Pool Cover


Electric Powered Slatted PVC Pool Cover.

The above-ground automatic slatted cover combines leading edge technology and a design approach that leaves no room for compromise. The cover adapts perfectly to new build or pool refurbishment projects.

Other benefits include:

  • Modern and contemporary new design
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Tube supported by bearing blocks
  • Available versions: electric or solar

Above Ground PVC Slatted SOLAR Pool Cover

The above-ground automatic cover is dynamic and pleasant. The designs and materials have made our covers the new standard for automatic pool covers.

Other benefits include:

  • Technological and innovating materials
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized pools.
  • Optimised shaft height for minimum space occupation
  • Modern and original design

Submerged Slatted PVC Pool Covers


Thanks to their sleek design, our automatic cover slats discretely follow the lines of your pool. 4,000 hours of tests by an independent laboratory guarantee their resistance to shocks and ageing making it possible to meet the NF P 90-308 standard for pool safety.

Other benefits include:

  • Excellent floatability
  • Highly aesthetic slat profile
  • Reduced tube rolling diameter
  • UV treatment

PRICE : Subject to FREE pool survey

Your pool may need modified to install a submerged pool cover. Please contact us for a FREE pool survey and professional advice.

Bubble Covers & bubble cover rollers


Our bubble covers are high quality covers, which are re-inforced with double stitching all round.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to operate by one person.
  • Quality Materials
  • Re-inforced double stitching all round.

PRICE FROM: 528.00€ (incl.IVA)

Bubble Cover Roller PRICE FROM: 239.00€ (incl. IVA)

Price based on 8m x 4m pool 

Swimming Pool Enclosures


Manufacture and install all kinds of covers: high, low, fixed, telescopic, attached, for spas, etc.
We adapt the covers to the needs of each client and also do custom projects.

Other benefits include:

  • They naturally increase the temperature of the water from 8 to 12 º C, which allows for extending the bathing season.
  • Safety for children, the elderly, and pets, since its total or partial closure of the enclosure acts as a security device.
  • All our covers have a key lock.
  • Protect from UVA rays.
  • They protect from the wind, leaves, insects, etc., creating a cozy atmosphere.

Types of covers:

Fixed: This model allows you to create a warm and welcoming space for all
the family, while prolonging the use and enjoyment of the pool, raises the
room temperature inside and saves on water maintenance by protect it from dirt.

Telescopic: These covers stand out for their easy handling and their different height options. Thanks to its wheel system without any type of rails allows it to be moved, keeping one module inside another and thus be able to enjoy its terrace, swimming pool and make the most of the space.

Large dimensions: Ideal for public places such as sports centers, urbanizations, campsites, etc. They can be fixed or telescopic.

Covers for spas: Special covers for SPA. Discover our covers to cover your relaxation space.

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