Solar Showers – LED Lights – Piping & Hoses 

Poles – Brushes – Flocculant

Solar Showers

Available in 45º bend models, round reservoir, straight and mixer types with one-hand operation.

CAT# 0550196 18L
CAT# 0550197 20L
CAT# 0550198 35L
CAT# 0550199 35L

PRICE FROM: 120.00€ (incl. IVA)

LED Pool Lights


Different models and colour blending oprions of led pool lights

HAYWARD ColorLogic


The Hayward ColorLogic II LED light RGB offers various colours: 11 set colours and 7 colour sequencing programmes. Complete with PAR-niche, cable conduit hose 90cm with fixed 3/4″ male connectors, cable 2.5 mm²-length 2.3 meter and mounting template. Each spotlight requires individual protection: 3 Amp. Aslo Available in 15W mini. 

CAT# 7016847
CAT#7016848 mini

PRICE FROM: 49.00€

Piping, Hoses & Valves


Full range of PVC U connections

Piping Hoses & Valves

For our full range of connections please “view specifications” in our catalogue.

CAT# 0112105

Mega Ball Valves PRICE FROM:  13.50€ (incl. IVA)

Jolly Gel Flocculant


Crystal clear water with the most popular flocculant in Europe

Jolly Gel


  • Unique formula that removes tiny dirt particles and traces of algae from the pool
  • Operates up to 3 weeks
  • Reduces chlorine consumption
  • Does not cloud the water and leaves no residual particles afterwards
  • Easy to use
  • Makes a clear membrane on the filter media to a depth of about 16cm
  • Captures fine particles and keeps them separate from the filter media by means of a mild, gel-like substance that is washed away in the backwash cycle.
  • Colour: transparent blue
  • Packaging: 4 pieces / carton
  • To be placed in the basket of the pump at a pH value between 7.2 and 7.6
  • Store in a cool place in it’s protective packaging

CAT# 7013194

PRICE FROM: 16,00€

Flotide telescopic aluminium pole

Telescopic Pole


Flotide telescopic aluminium pole

CAT# 7018635

PRICE FROM:  16.99€ (incl. IVA)

Flotide Vacuum head DeLuxe with brushes 


Cast iron weighted

CAT #0181023

PRICE FROM: 22.00€ (incl. IVA)


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