How to Change your Swimming Pool Pump

Jan 7, 2022
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How to Change your Swimming Pool Pump

To change your swimming pool pump, firstly, a qualified electrician will be needed to disconnect the wiring before the pump can be removed, and once the new pump is installed, the electrician will need to reconnect the wires to the new pump.

Failure to wire the pool pump correctly can cause damage to the pool pump and void your warranty.

Swimming pool pump sizing

On average the following pool pump sizes are recommended:

7m x 3m or below – 0.5hp

8m x 4m or below – 0.75hp

10m x 4m or below – 1hp

Basic pool pump installation guidelines

  • Disconnect electric from the mains.
  • Close all the suction valves and discharge valves on the pool pump.
  • Turn the 6-way valve on the sand filter to close.
  • Open the drain valve on the bottom of the pool pump.
  • Disconnect the suction connection and discharge connection from the pool pump.
  • Remove the old pool pump.
  • Re-install the new pump if it is like for like. If not, then the pipework will have to be reconfigured.
  • Connect the suction and discharge connections.
  • Remove the top from the pool pump and fill the basket completely with water.
  • Replace the top.
  • Open all the suction and discharge valves
  • Turn the 6-way valve on the sand filter to filtration.
  • Check that you have not got any leaks and start the pump


The pump should never be started without the pump being filled with water first as it only takes a short while for the seals to become damaged if the pump is empty. Failure to do this will void the warranty for your new pool pump.

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