How to change a Pool to Saltwater Pool System

How to change your swimming pool to a saltwater pool

Jan 4, 2022
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How to change a Pool to Saltwater Pool System is easier and less expensive than you may think.

Many people do not like the smell of a chlorine swimming pool or suffer from skin and eye irritation. They can also dislike the constant checking and maintenance of chlorine levels.  Whilst it is still important to check the chemicals regularly the need for making chemical adjustments is far less. Having a saltwater pool you will see fewer peaks and troughs in the chemical and PH levels.

A saltwater pool not only feels much softer to swim in, but it is also kinder to your hair, and gentler on your skin and eyes.

Many people believe that a saltwater pool does not use chlorine to keep the pool clean, this is not so as chlorine is still used as a sanitizing agent.

A saltwater pool works with a salt cell that is connected to an automatic system to produce chlorine as and when it is needed. You will no longer have to use tablets, granules, or liquid chlorine and your swimming pool will have lower levels than a traditional chlorine pool.

The saltwater system that you choose is the main component, it consists of two parts:

  • The salt cell where the electrolysis takes place and converts the salt into chlorine
  • The control which controls how much chlorine is made.

Depending on the volume of the pool, some systems will be more suitable than others. If you know the measurements of the Swimming Pool, calculate the volume of your pool in the calculator below.

Pool water volume calculator

Salt Type

We recommend using high-quality salt recommended for swimming pools or spas. Using other types of salt may cause unwanted staining or sediments in your pool.

Installation process

Your chosen Salt Chlorinator should come with fitting instructions, however, here is a general guide to the process:

  • Firstly, it is not necessary for you to empty your pool as many people believe.
  • Install the Salt Chlorinator on the wall in the pump housing, near to your pool equipment.
  • The Chlorinator should to be wired according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Install the salt cell into the pool plumbing after the filter system, as this should be the final piece of equipment before the water returns to the pool.
  • Connect the salt cell to the control board and check the equipment to make sure that there are not any leaks.
  • Add the relevant amount of high quality salt to your pool and run the pool pump for several hours to make sure the water is fully circulated and all the salt has dissolved.
  • We would also advise you to install a PH regulator to measure the acidity and alkalinity of the pool water.

We hope that this article resolves any doubts about “How to change a Pool to Saltwater Pool System”.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us at Pool Services Group, we will be happy to guide you and offer you advice.

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