Sahara desert wind

Steps to obtain a clean pool after the Sahara dust and dirty rain.

Mar 30, 2022
Pool Maintenance | Swimming Pool

For the past few weeks, Spanish pools have suffered from bad weather coming from the Sahara. Dust and rain have made it difficult to keep swimming pools clean. Here are some steps for a clean pool.

  1. Put the 6-way selector valve to Re-circulation. Doing this will stop any more thick dirt from going into the sand filter and blocking the filter.
  2. Add flocculant liquid as per the guidelines on the container. Initially, 0.5Lts per 50M3 of water, which can be increased slightly for a more thorough clean. This will grab all the small, suspended particles and lump them together making them heavier and sinking to the bottom of the pool.
  3. Turn the filtration pump on and circulate the water for several hours.
  4. Turn the filtration pump off and let everything settle overnight. In the morning you should see a lot of dirt has settled on the floor of the swimming pool.
  5. Set up your vacuum, select the 6-way selector valve to Waste and turn the pump on and vacuum slowly to Waste as this method will not go through the sand filter.
  6. Turn the pump off, turn the 6-way selector valve to Backwash and run the pump until the sight glass on the sand filter runs clear.
  7. Deactivate the pump and turn the 6-way selector valve to Rinse. Turn the pump on and run for 30 seconds. This should prevent any dirt from returning to the swimming pool.
  8. While the pump is switched off open the top of the pump basket and insert a Jolly Gel reseal the top of the pump, turn the 6-way selector valve to Filter and run the pump for 24 hours.
  9. As with all maintenance, it is crucial that the PH, Chlorine, and Alkalinity are kept at the correct levels.
  10. If necessary, use Chlorine Shock to return your swimming pool back to normal parameters after the Sahara sand.

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