Norsup Vertical Heat pump next to a swimming pool

The benefits of heating your pool

Sep 22, 2022
Pool Heaters | Swimming Pool

Want to keep using your pool all year round?

Then a pool heater is an ideal answer.

A cold swimming pool can be left unused for more than 6 months of the year, even though the pool needs to continue to be constantly maintained.

Electric heat pumps work by drawing the water through a pump that sucks in outside air and then heats the water before flowing back into the swimming pool

Inverter heat pumps are not only economical to run but are also environmentally friendly. They can provide consistent all-year-round heat to your swimming pool.

When choosing the correct size heat pump for your pool, several factors need to be taken into account.

Firstly, you need to decide if you want to extend the season by a few weeks or if you want to swim all year round.

Then the following factors need to be considered to make the correct choice: –

    • The area that you live in, is it colder than normal or a windy area
    • Do you have a pool cover to minimize heat loss, especially during the night. This can be done by using either a bubble cover or a slatted pool cover.
    • Is the heat pump the right size for your pool, this is based on the cubic meters of water in your pool. Purchasing a heat pump that is too small or not powerful enough for the size of your pool will cost more to run.

If you know the measurements of your pool you can use our Pool Water Volume Calculator.

    • Does the heat pump have a good COP (coefficiency of performance)? The higher the COP rating, the more efficient the heater.
    • Does the heater meet your temperature goals? Remember your pool is not a Spa, pools are typically kept around 26-29 degrees Celcius


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